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Student Organizations - University of Iowa Association of Nursing Students (UIANS)


The mission of UIANS is to serve the nursing students of the University of Iowa and advocate for the nursing profession. In doing so, UIANS hosts various events such as: Progressive Nursing Day, a Pinning Ceremony for graduating seniors, blood drives, a Student Mentor Program, and various fundraising activities. UIANS also participates in and contributes to several community events including: The Mobile Clinic, Dance Marathon, and River Fest. Promoting nursing on a political level is also something UIANS values. As a result, UIANS is proud to send students to both state and national conventions where students can write and vote on resolutions and make a difference in the lives of others throughout the nation.

Who makes up the UIANS Board?

People just like you! The UIANS Board consists of 12 committees, including:

President  Nursing Events
Progressive Nursing Day Community Involvement
Secretary  Fundraising
Legislative Director  
Mobile Clinic  

The board members run for election in the spring semester and are students chosen by election. Who better to represent the students, but students?


President: Jill Ahlers 

President-Elect: Emily Christiansen

Treasurer: Kelsey Reed

Treasurer-Elect: Ashley Groh

Secretary: Kimberly Enstad

Secretary-Elect: Ellen Reeder

PND Director: Sara Encke

PND Director: Nichole Brauer

Fundraising Director: Andrea Daun

Fundraising Director-Elect: Erin Miller

Mobile Clinic Director: Shelby Swenson

Mobile Clinic Director-Elect: Allison Duchman

Nursing Events Director: Taylor Legleiter

Nursing Events Director-Elect: Kirstan Green

Community Involvement Director: Alyssa Reding

Community Involvement Director-Elect: Megan Leibforth

Legislative Director: Whitney Boyd

Legislative Director: Leticia Garcia 

Advisors: Nicollett Markovetz and Ann Rhodes


Meet the UIANS Board Members


UIANS Board 2012-2013

UIANS Board Members 2012-2013