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RN-BSN - Prerequisite Information


Degree Requirements for the RN-BSN Student

A minimum of 128 semester hours and satisfactory completion of all RN-BSN program requirements is required, including prerequisites, general education and elective requirements, and 32 semester hours of required and elective nursing major courses.

Complete prior to submitting an application to the RN-BSN program:

  1. Prerequisites (9 s/h):

    3 s/h  Comp II
    3 s/h  Speech
    3 s/h  Statistics

  2. General Education Requirements (12 s/h):

    3 s/h  Values, Society & Diversity
    3 s/h  Literary, Visual & Performing Arts
    3 s/h  International & Global Issues
    3 s/h  Additional course from one area above

Complete prior to matriculation/beginning the RN-BSN nursing major:

  1. General Education Electives (11 s/h):

    5 s/h  completed prior to matriculation into the program
    6 s/h  completed prior to beginning the final semester of the nursing major

  2. Students should work with their advisors for assistance in selecting electives. Recommendations would be natural science courses (biology, chemistry, pathophysiology), upper level statistics (from a 4-year school), business courses (economics, marketing, management), and/or education courses (teaching, design & technology).
  3. Foreign Language (dependent upon your date of high school graduation):

    Prior to 1991        Exempt from foreign language requirement
    1991 – present    2nd level proficiency of same foreign language

  4. Other Requirements:

    Nursing Degree (ADN/Diploma)
    RN License